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Rebecca is a studio pottery and pottery teacher at Canning Arts Group in Perth WA. Her studio, Arty Ceramics, is located in the Perth Hills where she creates her own ceramic sculptural and functional ware. Rebecca also teaches kids classes during school holidays.

After studying, life led her down various paths, including building a home, exploring new landscapes through travel, and nurturing a family. However, her passion for clay never waned; it merely bided its time.

In recent years, Rebecca has rekindled a profound connection with clay. This reunion has ignited a fervent desire to not only create but also to impart her knowledge and love for this art form with others.

Within her creative domain, she finds joy in the meticulous crafting of vessels, sculpting one-of-a-kind figurines, and skillfully throwing expansive feature bowls. Each piece is imbued with a unique blend of technique, imagination, with a touch of her artistic sensibilities.

Rebecca's exploration doesn't end with form; it extends to the realm of decoration and glazing. She is constantly in pursuit of new techniques, seeking innovative ways to articulate her artistic vision. Rebecca's intuition guides her in selecting the perfect combination of techniques to elevate each vessel to its fullest potential.

Currently, Rebecca is teaching ceramics at Canning Arts Group, Perth, to students of all levels. This role is a natural extension of her passion, allowing her to not only create art but also to nurture the creative sparks in others. Through teaching, she is able to foster a community of budding artists, sharing the profound satisfaction that comes from molding raw clay into works of art.

Rebecca Tester with large bowl
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